Broadband (VoIP) Phone Lines 


  • Need a new phone line?SignUp
  • You don't need to pay BT up to £120 (plus VAT)* (NB: this price is for the line only - it does NOT include line rental or calls!)
  • if you already have broadband you can use our Broadband Phone service!
  • have as many numbers (lines) as you want/need, all at £2.99** pm
  • set up is FREE
  • 01, 02 and 03 numbers available
  • 0845 numbers available


Broadband phones work using the internet over broadband (or faster connections if you have one). They are often called VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol.  (You may also find references to SIP - Session Initiation Protocol.)  But it all means the same thing - you can use your broadband connection to run not only your internet but also a phone service! 

  • there's no need for another 'telephone line'
  • your number is truely portable
  • the service can be diverted (through a secure webpage) by you when you choose 
  • INCLUDES your Voice Mail delivered to email  so you need never 'lose a call' even if you are away from your office - listen to your messages on your Smartphone or Tablet
  • answer your number on your Smartphone or Tablet - there are several excellent Apps available for both IOS and Android

Calls cost from1pa minute  WITH NO SET UP FEE!



*Source: Feb 2014
** All prices quoted exclusive of VAT